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MassaBrutto - XI


Weeping Twilight and Oleg KhomenkoThe thunder of 11th part of MASSive-BRUTal fest has finished. Thanks to  fest organizers! Despite all problems they once again proved the high level of everything produced under the  • Massa Brutto • brand. Thanks to "brothers in arms" for excellent show. And thanks to all visitors for the support. You made this concert great!

The very special gratitude to Oleg Khomenko, who was not afraid of this hell and sang with us "Prysušyła Chłopca Dzieŭka..."

Pictures from the concert are added to the Photogallery.


Album presentation!


"Parastki Pamiaci na Ruinach Byłoha" presentation!

September 27th, 2009. Minsk, R-Club, 5pm.

Massa Brutto XI


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Parastki Pamiaci na Ruinach Byłoha (Sprouts of Memory on the Ruins of the Past)While all of us have been awaiting the moment of long-expected album taking on its physical form (the small thing remains - booklet print-out), Weeping Twilight make advances to folk-metal adorers who deny all material benefits :o)  Starting from June 1st

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