…Somewhere at the beginning of 1997 the circle is being formed. You ask me why? Nobody knows. Even now, through 6 years, while looking behind I can't find any answer...

Two exalted (or insane?) persons were seized by the idea. Better to say, there were a lot of ideas but their essences were the same. Metal band should be formed!!! Guys couldn't hide their aspirations from one another. Two more joined... So, the band that had become TWILIGHT next year, contained:

  • Yegor "Chel" - lead guitar
  • Denis - rhythm guitar, vocal
  • Alexander - bass
  • Andrey "Koonya" - vocal

At once, creative work (I mean songs creating) was "pushed down" at the rhythm-guitarist, so this fact's influence on music was not very positive. The first songs represented an awful sight (in notes) and sounded worse. Any initiative (such occasions were few) and alternative were being thrown off...

Weeping TwilightThe effort to compose music for Yanka Kupala's poem "Kurgan" ("Barrow") was the first really serious deal. "Sickness" was progressing... Exactly in New Year Eve (28.12.1998) tender light of maiden like eyes warmed the cold TWILIGHT. (Earlier, by the way, there was an effort to entice violinists... guys had not the heart to do it.)

The flowers decorated with diamond drops of innocently crystal dew... Keyboards (Elena T.) and vocal (Elena C.)... More or less regular rehearsals prolonged until the end of the Spring 1998. But there was not enough of... something (obligatoriness? seriousness?..) Nevertheless, the Spring breathed with warmness and that ones, who were not embraced by the Eternal Coldness, drinked Her breath...Darkness averted its lips... Vainly...

The condition had become acute. On Summer'99 the band were recording "Kurgan". Sad story... Blonde-haired Elena (keyboards) had quited the band somehow insensibly... One more part of the soul had become utterly absorbed in the darkness; wax guttered, flame began to tremble then shivered and sinked... Pity... Yegor "Chel" had gone (not insane) from Belarus. Galya joined the band. She was the second vocalist (fourth indeed). On the Fall Vitaly took Yegor's place.Weeping Twilight

The last year of 20th century was marked by the crisis. Finally, guys had succeeded in violinists' enticing. At the end of December demo "Twilight" recording had been started.

Andrey "Koonya" and Galya quitted the band on February of 2002 but at last TWILIGHT became a band with live drummer. Rehearsals restarted... but not regular...

17th of March 2001 is the date of the first live play of TWILIGHT (A-club, Minsk). The ghost of the band had been materialized for a moment and... faded away again... The last time he looked as follows:

  • Elena - vocal, piano
  • Anna - violin
  • Vitaly - lead & acoustic guitars
  • Denis - rhythm & acoustic guitars, vocal
  • Alexander - bass, vocal
  • Eugene - drums

Time had passed away. Band lost rehearsal site... Again problems with drummer... Disorder began...

13th of November 2001 became the great turning point. Tatyana (keyboards) and Mikhail (drums) came to TWILIGHT. And problems began to disappear. Rehearsals became intensive. New songs became to be written and then... the name of the band had been changed... a little bit. Now it is WEEPING TWILIGHT.

13th of September 2002: demo "Far From The Assembly Of Gods" release.

22nd of October 2002: WEEPING TWILIGHT passed through listeners' selection and played in Minsk at "MassaBrutto Fest" (organized by MassaBrutto Radioshow - with such Masters as ASGUARD (Belarus), EVTHANAZIA (Belarus) and ROSSOMAHAAR (Russia).

Weeping TwilightThe history prolongs... WEEPING TWILIGHT took place at "No Presents For Christmas Fest-3" (organized by Fatal Ecstasy Prods. on the 22nd of December 2002). WEEPING TWILIGHT's great success on "GODS TOWER tribute party" (25th of April 2003, Gomel) makes "MassaBrutto Fest" organizers to invite WEEPING TWILIGHT at "MassaBrutto Fest-3" (25th of May 2003) where the band among its own songs played some hits of Belarusian Metal Legend - GODS TOWER. (By the way, on that gig vocal part was performed by GODS TOWER front man - Lesley Knife.)

Pity but soon WEEPING TWILIGHT parted its way with Denis. And for now WEEPING TWILIGHT line-up is:

  • Alexander - bass, vocal
  • Vitaly - lead guitars
  • Alexey - rhythm guitars (ex-OSSUARY, LOST REGRETS)
  • Tatyana - keyboards
  • Mikhail - drums

Some break because of exams (all of us are students) and the work has begun. New (full-length) album is drawing near...

Darken the Twilight beyond !!!